Learn about Slipcover Grip-tape

Let’s face it folks, nearly all slipcovers, custom-made or not, will move as you use it. Some will move more than others depending on a number of factors, but they all move nevertheless. The average slipcover owner must take the time and effort to re-tuck and adjust the slipcover in order to get it back to its original look.

Hey, you paid good money for that slipcover, why should you have to take valuable time out of your busy schedule trying to keep it neat and presentable?

Well you no longer have to. Slipcover Grip-tape is the first and only product available that will do what it is designed to do! No gimmicks! It truly works!

Slipcover Grip-tape (patent-pending) is specially designed and tested to hold your slipcover in place, even after sitting or lying down on it. No more fusing or tucking! Plus, it will still allow for slipcover removal, and the tape itself is re-usable! That’s right. If you want to remove your slipcover for any reason, the tape is designed to stay on your furniture to be used again! No need to re-apply additional tape.

4 Easy Steps:

  1. Peel off backing from tape.
  2. Press tape directly onto your furniture at key locations.
  3. Install your slipcover.
  4. Using a home iron, apply heat over the top of your slipcover where the tape lay underneath.

  • Installs onto your furniture.

  • Requires only a one time installation.

  • It’s re-usable – allows for slipcover removal multiple times!

  • Ultra-thin construction – virtually undetectable under slipcover.

  • Will not leave sticky residue on furniture

  • Heat-activated.

  • Non-permanent.

Slipcover Grip-tape will prevent the vast majority of movement that occurs when you use your slipcover.
That’s right. No more skirts dropping to the floor, no more out of place welting